About Us

STORE ANONYM is a complete Lifestyle Store which houses ready to wear unconventional, Artisanal clothing, Accessories and Home decor from selection of designer who have a distinctive story to tell. Each of our designer works with techniques that are truly inspirational. Store Anonym is proud of its contribution in promoting Indian textile designs, crafts and clothing for the past 10 years. Presenting not only the timeless pieces in khadi, Ikat and mirror work from Gujarat but also offers a carefully curated selection of the best in global fashion. Our clothes redefines the concept of staples themselves and emphasises the wisdom in dressing simple.


Our Roots: Store Anonym is founded by the entrepreneur duo Vinita and Vikas Passary who are also the co-founders of 'Translate' which started its offerings in 2010, using artisanal fabrics that spell luxury. Vinita, brings her experience in fashion and retail with her much admired contemporary fashion to the store. She understands her customers very well, her talent lies in choosing the right kind of unique designers who are looking for a platform for the portrayal of their art with designs that suits the classics and contemporary in equal. Vinita is exploratory and self taught, a unique strength that gives her the user perspective and differentiates her as a fashion and textile designer among her peers. Vinita's commitment to revive arts fused with unrelenting attention to quality and detail has helped carve her space successfully in the clothing industry. Whereas Vikas Passary, a successful restauranteur and a passionate art lover contributes through his business acumen.